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The company has strong technical force and has a group of national R&D experts and technical backbone who have been engaged in mining machinery processing and mine safety production for a long time. There are 5 senior engineers, more than 20 doctoral and master's researchers, with strong technical reserve and R&D capability.
Aiming at the research and development of underground support, ventilation and dust removal technology in coal mine, abundant scientific and technological achievements have been achieved. At present, it is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of wet shotcrete machine, mine ventilation and dust removal technology and equipment. Many of these technologies have obtained domestic invention patents.
Full range of automated production equipment and provide customers with complete sets of technology and equipment R&D, production and sales process of a series of optimization solutions.
PQC6I pneumatic grouting machine

JPS7I-L wet concrete shotcrete machine

JPS7I-L Rotor Type Shotcrete Unit
JDY-500L special mine mixer
JSLT7-L Wet Concrete Shotcrete Unit
Save time and effort
Long life and low cost
Variable pitch is used in the proportioning, and sand, cement and accelerator are matched in a certain proportion. Add water to the top of the screw to change the dry material into wet material. Because of the use of mechanical ingredients, mixing, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, but also to ensure the quality of concrete. Elastic material cup is used in the rotor and compound elastic bushing is used in the outlet elbow, which completely solves the sticking problem of the machine, reduces the cleaning and maintenance time, and improves the production efficiency.

Friction plate and lining plate are made of new materials. The discharge elbow is filled with secondary air, and the air is spiral, which makes the elbow and the conveying pipeline not

easy to be blocked. The powder accelerator is used to mix the material evenly and reduce

the cost.

Reduce the concentration of flying dust, not easy to plug
JPS7I-L Wet concrete shotcrete unit
"Straight chamber" feeding is smooth and not easy to clog; the outlet elbow adopts secondary aeration and the gas is spiral direction, which makes the elbow and the feeding pipeline not easy to clog; the spiral mixing outlet adds a material sieving device, which can automatically sift material to prevent clogging, thus eliminating the manual picking at the spiral outlet; the first layer of feeding is used. There is a spray device at the mixing outlet, which effectively reduces the mixing dust, increases the humidity of the material, and reduces the rebound.
Located in the west coast of Qingdao City, Shandong Yarite Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is based on many universities and scientific research institutes, such as Shandong Robot Engineering Research Center, Shandong State Key Laboratory for Mine Disaster Prevention and Control, and mainly consists of technology development, technical service and high-tech product manufacturing. A joint-stock enterprise with independent intellectual property rights has been established.
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